Being organic certified & speciality-grade means our coffee is part of a rare group of amazing coffee suppliers that make up just less than 1% of all coffee served worldwide! We're passionate not only about producing the very best quality coffee out there, but also how coffee impacts our health for the better. Quality, taste & sustainability are the foundation of what we do but our very light roast-profile also preserves much more of the natural goodness of our coffee beans meaning a healthier, better cup of coffee for you!

 Determined to discover the world's best coffees, our journey began a few years ago and came to abrupt end as we enjoyed the delights of Oslo's iconic coffee culture. Needless to say we were hooked and it hit home to us that nowhere could rival the Nordic nations and their ability to serve the smoothest, most naturally flavoursome coffee. Unable to find anything quite so unique & fantastic in the UK, we set out to create our very own uniquely crafted Nordic-inspired blends. 

Taking the very best that Nordic-style coffee has to offer and putting our passion, discipline & expertise of coffee into practise, we've been ethically sourcing the very best organic premium coffees, perfecting the NORLO blend and providing you with some special coffee moments...

Nowhere could rival the Nordic nations and their ability to serve the smoothest, most naturally flavoursome, aromatic coffee. 

Norlo coffee floating tubes


At Norlo we think roasted coffee should always be served in its purest form. Inspired by Nordic coffee culture, where a lighter roast captures much more of the beans naturally mouth-watering flavours and intense aromas, every cup of our full-bodied organic blend is velvety smooth and bursting with vibrant character. A fantastic taste is a given, but our lighter roast also preserves more of the bean's raw goodness like antioxidants, nutrients and natural minerals.

Ethically sourced from some of the world's leading organic coffee farms, our blend is made from only high-quality beans, grown in nutrient-rich volcanic soil then hand-picked and sun-dried, before being roasted to light perfection. Every batch is housed in beautifully iconic, award-winning & fully recyclable packaging.

We're also very proud to be the first brand to deliver a lightly caffeinated coffee to enjoy without the worry of that strong caffeine buzz. Why not give it a try? 

NORLO Coffee


The Norlo Guarantee is simply to deliver exceptional quality, organic coffee with great service. We're always committed to keeping things clear & simple which is why if ever you are unhappy with your Norlo coffee just get in touch with us and we guarantee to make things right.

PROUD PARTNERS OF:NORLO - Guild of fine food, one tree planted, soil association organic