for the bold & those that dare to be different

The lightest roast coffee out there! Awesomely inspired by Nordic-coffee culture.

A healthier coffee retaining far more of the beans raw antioxidants, & minerals!

Uniquely delicious delivering mouth-wateringly smooth notes of vibrant goodness.

Ethical & Sustainable

our philosophy

At Norlo, we think coffee should be served in its purest form. Inspired by Oslo's iconic coffee culture, we very lightly roast our speciality beans to craft a far healthier, smoother organic coffee, bursting with bold aromas & natural goodness.

A cup of Norlo contains twice as many antioxidants then green tea and 30% more than medium to dark roasts!

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Norlo Organic Caffeinated Coffee

the lightest, smoothest roast

brighter & bolder

Less than 1% of coffee served worldwide is speciality & organic. Norlo is both, naturally... Being the UK's lightest roast means bolder flavours & more natural, juicy goodness. Don't waste a coffee moment on anything other than great tasting, healthier coffee.

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